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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by chief, Mar 24, 2014.

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    I made a trip to the Quincy area this weekend and had a good time fishing a couple of the lakes up there. I haven’t fished this area for a few years as it is a bit of a haul from Portland, but I always enjoy it. The weather was pretty nice both days. Saturday the breeze had a little bite to it, but it was nothing compared to what it can be. Sunday was sunny and calm, almost too calm. We switched back and forth from stripping streamers to suspending flies under indicators throughout the day and had pretty good success on both. We got a few fish that went 17-19 inches, but most were what I’m assuming are this year’s plants. The takes on the streamer were really aggressive making the fat bodied 12-14 inch fish feel bigger than they were. Lots of good jumps too.

    I also had fun experimenting with some of the patterns I’ve read about on this board, so thanks to all who contribute here. The olive and burnt orange Barrel Bug produced well under the indicator, and it is also fun to say “Barrel Bug” when your buddy asks what you are using. We also had success with various chironomid and bloodworm patterns under indicators. Although the visible hatch on Sunday was mostly really tiny bugs – like size 24 – we caught fish on size 14 & 16 snow cone patterns and San Juan worms in addition to streamers.

    We had a nice camp spot right next to the lake, and the “Tag Team, Take Down, Cocktail Hour” was a success with everyone hooking a fish on their turn up at the plate, and only one spilled drink.

    On Sunday my son found a spinning rod floating in the lake about 20 feet from shore. He grabbed the handle and started winding in the line. He soon discovered that the fish that dragged it into the lake was still on the line. He eventually landed the biggest Trout of the trip and it was also a tagged fish.

    All in all a good outing. I’m glad it is only March and we have the whole season to look forward to.
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    Thanks for the report. Sounds like you had a good time and it was worth the drive. I hope that tagged fish your son landed pays off!

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