Raccoon Fur - Parte Deux


Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs
Last fall I posted a note asking a general question about preserving roadkill raccoon fur and got some interesting and informative replies. More than one member suggested that it might be alot less hassle to just buy some raccoon from a local fly shop and leave the roadkill to Ma Nature to deal with. I have taken that advice to heart... I just scored a vintage knee length raccoon coat from the early 40's. This thing has definitely seen it's days as a garment but flytying material-wise... well let's just say I am set for awhile for raccoon. (In fact, I will probably be looking to trade some of this in the not too distant future for other tying materials.)

My question now is.... are there alot of patterns that call for raccoon fur specifically? I have located a few, but from the Googled results I have seen, I haven't run across alot but I may not be structuring the search in a way that gets the best results. If you know of patterns that call for raccoon fur, I'd appreciate hearing about 'em. Also, I am assuming that I can substitute raccoon for other furs in some patterns and will be experimenting with that and with bleaching and dying swatches of it.

Thanks all...

Vashon Island
I bought a seal fur scarf thingy at value village for $5. Don't even think about asking a trade for racoon. :rofl: I didn't even know what it was until I took it apart and there was a label on the inside. Pretty good deal I would say.

I guess I will have to cancel my baby seal clubbing trip I have planned in S. Africa.

Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
Racoon is so under used, the best way I have found to use racoon was to put into a dubbing rope or brush (spun between wire) this gets rid of the heavy thick leather and allows you to thin out the under fur. I use it in marabou patterns as the sub. for the marabou, the wire creates some wieght and racoon has some great action. I save all the under fur for dubbing on flat-wing steelhead patterns and what not, kinda springy for dubbing but is works. When ever I used racoon I mostly use artic fox with it. Here is a string leech I tie called the monster. The tail is racoon and the collar is artic fox in a dubbing rope/brush.