Race Point and the Bluefin Kayak Guy

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    I'm recovering from an East Coast jetlag. Got there on some classic Alaska livery Boeing product...


    Anyway the sleep deprivation was brought on not so much by the redeye or the chatter of in-laws but by multiple 4:30 am fishing patrols to Race Point. That's on the knuckled tip of Cape Cod, close to both Stellwagon bank and Summer bluefin Tuna grounds to the East. It is a good time to fish, there's no-one there and the at least in the past two weeks there was just enough wind to keep the insects away.That and there was no mung to ruin the line on account of strong currents and tides.

    Dawn Shots:

    Edward Hopper style Coast Guard/lifeguard house


    There was tons of bait... sand eels and squid. That big black thing mid picture is a ball of sand eels, and the bubbles/riseform behind it are squid attacking the ball. They would shoot their jets out of the water and into the air. It took me a while to figure out this was not some kind of messed up swimming sea-clam. That and I caught one. IMG_0786.JPG

    I got a bunch of mackerel. So if you are waiting for Mingo style shots of my fish here it comes...


    12 inches of fun...Some fish had the game figured out. If you looked Northwest you could see the whales spouting several miles away and on one morning a finback moved about a 1/4 mile off shore. Seals were everywhere, and one striper-just one schoolie- hammered these sand eels right at my feet. Where his buddies were is anyone's guess, the blues/striper shore fishing basically was terrible....."it's a boater's game" they said at the tackle shops.

    Anyway I was fishing and then this guy drags his boat up...

    It turns out he's been a subject of posting on this board before, in part because the NYT and other magazines have written about him. Dave Lamoureux, that's his name, paddles 5 miles due East pretty much to the Tuna grounds and trolls bait on wired eggbeaters out of his kayak. He holds some world records on landing big fish from his Yak and has a website that details his exploits.

    IMG_0775.JPG IMG_0776.JPG

    You can see his setup from the bait, the fins, the hakepik/gaff. He carries the fins to swim back to shore if he gets knocked out of his kayak, noting that once you are out of it you are basically screwed. He also has VHF radio, cell phone, reflective radar paddle tape, life jacket, knife, light, go pro and so on. He said, and maybe you guys can verify this, the first Coast Guard rescue is free, the next, "80 grand."

    He is looking for a sponsor. He told me Animal Planet wanted to work with him. And that this is the preferred type of kayak he fishes from, not a sit on top, because of seaworthiness. I didn't see any kind of bailing tool be it a pump or otherwise. He's swum to shore before and seems like his worst round trip was some 25 miles paddling. He noted it pays to have commercial Tuna Boat captains among your friends. Wind and waves seemed to be his enemies.

    I figured that would be the last morning I ever saw the dude, the last photos ever taken of Dave L. But next morning, another gin clear surf-less day with minimal wind, while I was reeling in more 12 inch mackerel wondering "where the hell are the stripers when there is thousands of pounds of bait within 200 yards of me?" there he was again, dragging the kayak over the sand and into the sea...

    Anyway, I never did get my striper or blue. Settled instead for mackerel, menhaden, squid, and a ton of bass and perch I helped get my sons into from a way less sophisticated kayak in a bunch of freshwater kettle ponds... IMG_0767.JPG IMGP5928.JPG

    Oh and if you've been following the news, there are great whites off of Cape Cod now, and we had the privilege of seeing one and it is with great relief that My boy Sam dodged this bullet... IMGP5861.JPG

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