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    First, an introduction.
    I was told to come look here as a good source of info for the scadden boats (and upgrades that one should look at) through Spey pages. I'm Brent, a steelhead fanatic. Spent ~50 days steelheading last year on the Skeena system, bout 3 weeks sleeping in the back of a Ford Escape. Not bad for a dude that lives in the Prairies in Alberta.


    So after beating my oars to death this fall, and waiting for one to fail I'm looking at getting new oars eventually for my Scadden Assault (and not through Dave, as most of you know why).

    I have found the Cataract Mini-Mags locally which is nice, and I know a few people have had good luck with them.

    However, I would have to drill them myself to make them fit on a rack-and-pin style oar lock. While this is possible, i've heard enough horror stories of guys wearing through the oars, as well as how hard are they to drill? I don't have a drill press, and not sure if i'd want to do them by hand. I also talked to Sawyer about their SST oars, and they said they would not drill them for me.

    Is it possible to use the pin system on the scadden as a traditional Pin and Clip system that is out there, or is the pin too small?

    Any other suggestions, hints, etc?


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    I drill my Cataract Mini-Mags myself as well as other oars including Sawyer and Caviness. I have been using my Mini Mags for the past 3 years with no wear to the drill area. Use them on my Watermaster Raft. I purchased one of these drill presses for hand drills. They are V notched to hold the shaft. I see Home Depot has them for $32.00. I think I bought mine at Ace Hardware or Sears. I just spend a lot of time clamping them and making absolutely positive I drill them in the exact location. Pilot hole then a hole the exact size of the oar pin, and they are always centered and perfect every time. Easy as can be.

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