Rainbow variety show

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by skyriver, Aug 16, 2001.

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    Jan 27, 2004
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    Covington, Washington.
    Got some time to fish after work. Headed to the Sky...the only thing I'll tell you is it's above Reiter somewhere. I was strictly fishing for trout w/ a fully dressed #12 Stimulator. Mostly so I could see the darn thing in the weird light caused by the fog and clouds. I was lucky enough to finally hook a beautiful 13" wild rainbow. I lost another that was even bigger. I would estimate 15". He would've been my PB on the Sky for trout. He didn't get to 15" by getting reeled in I guess. That would've made the trip, but I had a little more luck. I was letting the Stimulator swing across the pool (if you can't catch trout on a drag-free presentation w/ a caddis, just strip the darn thing....you'll catch even more anyway) and a 8-10 lb. steelhead took a really good swipe at it, but came up short. The pool was such that this rise took place straight in front of me out about 10 yards. Of course, I have my 5wt, #12 Mustad piece a crap hook and 6x tippet. I'm thinking "Good, he didn't get stuck so upgrade the hook and tippet and go back and get him." Of course, the moment was gone. After beefing up to 4x tippet (no 6lb Maxima on me...D'oh!) and putting on a #8 bushy Muddler (smallest hook I had that I felt would hold a fiesty 10 lber.) I failed to hook any steelhead. Caught another awesome trout and had another big (14-15") one on. They attacked that Muddler with some attitude. Not all good karma though. Broke the tip of my beloved IMX about 2 inches down. Ah, 9ft was too long anyway. I'll be back and I think I may have to bring the 6 lb Maxima next time.

    My your fish be big enough to fight on the reel,
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    Feb 25, 2003
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    Is there decent fishing on South Fork now?
    I heard WDFW truck some steelies to the upper river but when that thing begins?
    BTW I saw 6 or 7 big dollies on North Fork headed to their spawning sites