"Rat Attack", Small Tuke Action

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    I ran the boat while Chris and Frank did all the fishing. They were "testing" my new white streamer flys. I found some long shank bluegill hooks and bent them to make keel hooks. White marabou, a little green or silver flash-a-boo, and a small gold barbell for eyes......... and we have a winner.

    The peacock bass (small, under 10 inches) were everywhere and fighting over the flys. It was wild action with many double hookups. One guy hooks a fish and the other casts at his fish for the second hookup.

    Once, a largemouth bass that looked to be well over 4 pounds attacked the small 6 inch peacock that Frank was just lifting into the boat. Slash and splash..... we all saw it and everyone yelled at once. Frank rescued the little peacock from the monster bass.

    Frank and Chris also "rescued" (set the hook too quick) the artificial fly before some nice size peacock bass were able to inhale it. (You have to wait till you FEEL the strike BEFORE you set the hook) :oops:

    We saw a lot more active 2 to 3 pound fish today. The water temperature was 83 degrees. Seems like as the water temperature rises, so does the activity level of the fish.

    We lost count of how many fish were caught after about 1/2 an hour. How many peacock bass can one expect to catch in a day???? As Chris said: " It all depends on your casting skill and a little luck."

    Chris with one of his larger fish.
    Frank with one of his first peacock bass on a flyrod.

    And some of their smaller fish..... :lol:



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