Ratings? and is search broken today?

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"
I was going to rip some newbie about searching instead of posting but I couldn't because I kept getting 406 when trying to click on any article brought up by a search for "pat's stonefly".

Also, I was going to rate the thread about the guide+native+steelhead+cowlitz+enforcement with 1 star but I couldn't find the ratings anymore. Maybe my browser (FF is busted.


I was able to duplicate the searching problem, use "pat stonefly" instead of "pat's stonefly" I think the apostrophe is breaking the links somehow.

I am using FF1.5.0.10 as well, have not had a problem with ratings, I am still poking around though.

Chris Scoones

Staff member
Two issues. One is what Ibn duplicated. The other happens when the servers proc is taking a beating, during which search is disabled by the forum itself. It shouldn't 406 though, should be a message. I'll test it out.