Rattlesnake Ridge Day Hike in the City!

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    I decided to run over to the Orvis Store in Bellevue this morning and pick up a few items, then head for a day hike to get my old heart pumping some blood. Being from Kitsap County, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone. So, after leaving the Orvis Store under the good care of Leland and Dov, I headed out. My son had taken me up there last year just before he left for his assignment in the Peace Corps, but he took me up there during the week. Boy, I am one spoiled old fart hiker. I couldn't believe all the people. It is insane. I think I'll stick to some more rural areas that I am used to. Being out of shape and 62 years old, I wandered up the trail in no mad dash. I hit the trailhead at 1:15 PM today (Saturday). I decided to take a count of the people passing me, coming down from the ridge. By the time I got to the top (under an hour, I'm ashamed to say) but taking my time anyway, I counted 240 hikers passing me coming down! That is in under an hour. To make matters more interesting, when I got to the top, there were 100+ people!! People people people people people!!! Don't let me discourage you city folks tho, it is a nice little day hike and a good trail. The views are pretty nice also. Oh, did I say there was someone getting married there at the top? Well, the wedding party only consisted of about 30 PEOPLE. I think I'll avoid some of the Cascades a bit. Boy, things have changed over the years of my hiking in seclusion. I went on a 50 mile hike by myself in the Olympics about 25 years ago and I didn't see a sole for 3 of 6 days! Ah, the good ole days....