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    someplace closer and more often

    First off...forgive me. I have lived here all my life (33 years) and have never fly fished anywhere in Washington (forgive my father too). For years we've gone to Canada to bring back what is now a "small catch" at exorbitant expense. Clearly we've been keeping with "tradition" but, I know that there has got to be a better way for my son, wife and two soon to be fishermen daughters. (we might even invite grandpa for the experience).

    The QUESTION: Where can we go camping/fishing/family fun within WA on a two or three day weekend/day? Know of any beautiful and fish bountiful(for the kids) places?

    Thank you, MrBean
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    someplace closer and more often


    Rattlesnake Lake is a "put and take" lake that has selective fishery regulations w/ a 5 fish limit. It's beautiful lake there is no over night camping. Great for a day trip located just outside of North Bend.

    For a camping trip try Deception Pass State Park. Cranberry Lake has large browns, you can try for early in the morning & late evening, and an ample supply of fish that will keep your children attention.


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