Recap on Skip Morris at WIFFC


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Wasent sure I wanted to make the trip over to Widbey Island this morning but I am glad I did..... and barly made it on time for the 9 am start.

Listening to Skip Morris was awesome. He was very informative, passed on great tips, and really made the class fun. Lectures were great and he really changed it up from lectures to tying flies to Q & A.

When I was about 12 or so, I bought Skips first book and that is how I learned to tie a little so I felt a little connection with seeing him.

Lunch was pretty good..... cant beat cheese burgers and hot dogs.

And it was neat to meet up with the club too and see what they have to offer. Looking forward to some outtings in the future.

Thank you to all who put on this wonderful event.
I've also got a couple of Skip's books, flytying and rodbuilding. He's an excellent instructor and author, I like to think his books are easier to learn from than most, both for the beginner and expert. People in the Port Townsend area and Port Ludlow also know him as a jazz guitarist with a great trio, also a noted vocalist. Google "skip morris jazz guitarist. Multiple talents.
Chef, Glad you enjoyed the event. It went well and we had a pretty good crowd. Enough to make it worthwhile but still small enough for it to be fairly personable with great access to Skip for questions and discussion. I wasn't aware of Skip's other talents. I'll have to check it out.

Jeff Dodd

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Chef - Thanks for the recap thread - always good get feedback and learn of board members who attended the event. I enjoyed the day too.

I missed out on meeting people while doing busy work and messing with the damn video camera. Not to mention, I still smell hamburgers from my time behind the flaming grill. (My apologies for the burned burgers)

Cool that members trekked to the Island. I can't get some of my buddies to make that trek, so I know it's an obstacle.


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jeff: I was the guy who took over for you for a sec when you had to setep away. You did fine grilling them. It was tough because the wind was blowing toward you.

It was a great event. Worth the drive for sure.