Recommend a fly fishing outfit for a newbie?

HI, I would like to get started into fly fishing for Pacific Salmon. Can you recommend a package for around $500 that will cover kings, Reds and silvers?
Look for a TFO combo $99 and a gift card got me into fly fishing. My TFO 8wt combo was over $300 my gift card was $100
Miyawaki has alot more experience than i do with fly fishing but i would recomend you try out a spey rod go cast some at your local fly shop and see what you think. if you do not like the spey i would say go with a TFO 7-9wt. Or you can look on the classifieds here there are always good rods and reels for sale.
A 9 weight single hander would be fine if you want to fish for all three of the species you mentioned. A 7 or 8 would be better for fishing for both reds and silvers. I would go with either a Echo or Redington package for both the rod and reel. You could obtain this under budget and have an awesome starter setup.
Are you planning to fish for salmon in rivers or the salt? Spey wouldn't be my first choice if I wad gonna have just a single saltwater salmon rod, but maybe its just the ticket for you.

Go to a fly shop and cast cast cast. My current salmon outfit can be had within your budget, especially if you buy used.

Redington Link 890. 350$

Redington Rise 7/8 189$

Rio Outbound Short 100$

Catching angry silvers in the salt....priceless.

( though you probably want to step it up in size if your serious about targeting kings, which will make those 5 lb silvers kinda dull)