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Starting to fill my tailwater boxes and wanted a change of pace from Pheasant Tails (already have a bunch of them); my version of Hogan Brown's has worked well and is about as simple and easy to tie as they come.

hook - Tiemco 3769 #18
thread - Gudebrod 10/0 brown
Tail - Pheasant tail fibers
body - tying thread
rib - UTC wire small red
thorax - peacock
legs - Krystal Flash red
flashback - Mylar tinsel medium opal
head - glass bead red

Mash down barb and slide bead on shank

tie in thread, wrap to point above barb

tie in pheasant tail fibers (shank length)

tie in wire rib and wrap back to the head, trying to create a smooth body

spiral wire rib forward, tie off and helicopter wire to break

tie in tinsel flashback at the 60% mark

tie in peacock and create thorax

add Krystal Flash legs, near

and far

pull mylar tinsel over peacock, tie off, brush Sally, trim KF legs (pull them back and trim at spot where tail starts) and you're done.

Here's an attempt at his S&M Nymph (be careful when doing a web-search on that one):

I swear I have olive wire somewhere, but can't come up with it, so I tied the brown version. Variation on the Red Head with a dubbed thorax and biot wing case.

Good thing they're quick ties; tend to lose a bunch of little flies to trout and whities when fishing tailwaters.