Redinton CDL Reels


Not to be confused with Freestone
Looking for feedback on the value of these reels. I purchased a used Sage 2580 to go with an 8136 rod and now getting some feedback that the 2580 may be a wee bit on the small side for the Skagit spey line. I'm looking around at other used reels and found a shop in Alaska selling the CDL's at a good discount. Any suggestions on which size and if these are a good mid-range reel?:hmmm:
i have the 11/12 and i like it. my only complaint is how quiet the out going drag is. the reel is a great value and i would reccomend it. i feel the the 11/12 is a tad large, maybe try the 10/11.

Ed Call

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I've used a 7/8 on my 8wt single hander and it has performed very nicely. A bit fancier than the CD, but they've done well too.