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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by OlyTroutGuy, Feb 4, 2003.

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    I am looking at getting an Orvis Rocky Mountain Disc Reel, any opinions on this particular reel? Any other ideas for a good reel around this same price of 65 bones?

    Thanks in advance
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    Stop looking and buy it!!!

    I have the 5/6 Rocky Mountain III with the disc drag and three spare spools, this reel is the best you can get for the price. The drag is smooth and the extra cassettes will save you a bundle. I use this reel on a 5wt GL3 and one spool has WF7 which I use on an Avid. The reel is designed for line weights 4-7 and handles the 7 flawlessly for bass, large rivers and trout, and the occasional steelhead (5 so far). My only regret is not getting the large arbor. I got the RM III with WF5 line, all brand new, for $58 on Ebay. I banged up one spool and The Greased Line in Vancouver WA replaced it no questions asked. Hey, buy the best and you only pay for it once! I also carry an Orvis Clearwater as a back-up or for when I teach a friend to flyfish ($29). You can't beat Orvis customer service!:thumb
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    I recently did a reel search for under $100 reels and ended up with an Okuma Magnitude Large Arbor 5/6. It is a magesium reel with a smooth and very powerful drag. Cost at Sportsman's Warehouse was $59, extra spools were $29. This is a remarkable reel for the money and I think it is probably a better deal than the Rocky Mountain. I have a Rocky Mountain also and several spools which are very reasonably priced. I won't knock the RM but there are two things about it that I am uncomfortable with. The first is that when you change spools the reel breaks into 3 pieces and that is not real desirable in a float tube. The second is that the drag never seems to stay where I set it, it is easily bumped out of adjustment. Try the drag on the Okuma, I think you will be impressed. One caution on the Okuma-it doesn't hold a great deal of backing so forget about a DT and get a WF. Happy shopping, Ive