Removing texture from old photo with PhotoShop


I'm working on repairing an old wallet size black and white photo with damage. Hopefully, I can ultimately enlarge the photo into a 5X7 or 8X10 but the darned thing is printed on textured paper. This is causing problems for retouching. I'm aware of a program that removes or reduces the effect of textured photo paper: (
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) )​

I found it available for download "free" but it comes with a lot of crap I don't want on my computer. Have any of you guys worked with retouching damaged black and white prints on textured paper and if so, how do you handle removing the texture or at least reducing it. If someone is using the FFT program please let me know where the devil you obtained the program... from the U Tube clip I watched, it works slick.​

I'm primarily using PhotoShop Elements 10 but also have access to PhotoShop CS3.​

Suggestions are welcome!​



Topwater and tying.
I'm assuming it's a glossy texture and that's the source of the problem? Once, way back about 30 years I had a bunch of pix I was building shadowbox frames for. Before final mount I sprayed them with a photo protectant spray that resulted in a matte finish that might soften your texture problem. You could probably find the material at a good photo shop. I found this online:

Good luck...