Rent Your Flies, You Can't Lose

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Irafly, Jun 5, 2009.

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    I also posted this in the Salt Forum

    The computer is too close to my fly tying table. Every time I sit down to tie something I want to look up pops into my head, either that or an idea.

    Who wants to rent me their salt water flies for my trip to La Paz in July? SeaHabits, Clousers, Decievers, Eatmes, Shock and Awes, anything that looks like the sardines down there. I'm also looking to bring some poppers and have heard great things about both the Crease Flies and the Cam Sigler poppers.

    You can't lose. Let's say they are just sitting there in your box, you don't plan on using them the same time I'm using them, you rent them out to me for a price, I leave some appropriate form of collateral and any flies I lose I replace. Saves me the time and money tying them or buying them and you get paid for something you didn't expect to get paid for.

    PM me or post here.

    Heck, worth a try and if it catches on who knows where it might lead.


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