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    Here is the report you wantedfrom the new guys!
    I decided to bag going over to the Klickitat. The weather looked like it was going to blow it out. I went up to the North Fork of the Sky instead. I hit every access point I could find from Galena down and never got a bump or saw a thing. Someone at the park about a mile up from the town of Index said he caught an 8lb steelhead yesterday, and he said he had a 5lb steelhead on about an hour before I showed up. It is a nice drift at the park. It's about a ten minute hike on a good trail.
    I headed towards Stevens Pass and fished the Tye River about mile post 54 down. The water had just a hint of color, and the water level was good. There was a trace of snow on the ground, and the sun was out off and on. You guys are always saying you are catching fish on egg sucking leeches, so I bought some at the Mill Creek fly shop yesterday. I landed one steelhead (first one on my new 8wt), one dolly, and one src using it. A chartrues marabu hooked me into salmon until it decided to wrap the line around a snag.
    All in all a good day.

    Thanks to everyone for the info on the Klickitat.