Report: MA11


Topwater and tying.
Today was s-l-o-w to nothing. watched guys from the beach land 4 near my usual place while my boat got skunked over 7 hours. Hardly saw any fish rising/jumping. Pretty much same results as 8/10.
I guess it's just a matter of right time/right place and get your fly in front of them!


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You have your figures a bit off. The 7 million is for the entire Sound, all areas. The Puyallup figure is 1.8 million and 700,000 + for the NIsqually. Even at that, that is a lot of fish. Remain patient. They will get here. My figures could be a bit off but I'm not worried about them getting here. I went 3 for 4 yesterday in less than two hours.
good on ya Steve!

If Steve says they are coming
they are coming!
Steve, no I didn't get my numbers mixed. I meant for the entire sound. I know what the count is in 11 and 13. anys ways it was a good day at BP. lot's of fish landed and lost. my buddy had a nice one on and the guy next to him wouldn't back out as the fish went over him. my buddy was on it but then the guy touched the line and off he went. I started over to the guy but my buddy said no. what a asshole that guy was. but the good part was everytime the guy had one on he lost it on his own, I didn't interfere. lol. my buddy landed 2 for the smoker. me, ha, missed one and one came unhooked. skunked again. oh well, next time. it was a good day and I am happy.


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Outlaw- that is the right attitude to take, often the assholes experience the bad karma they create for themselves!

I fished south and north of Des Moines out of a boat yesterday. We landed 7 or 8 fish on flies and one fish on twitched jig. The key was to use flies in 6-20 ft of water with the boat parked 30-60 ft off points and bays, generally casting towards shore. I'd not say that the fishing action was "hot," but it was better for us than for boats fishing gear!
Fished Saturday from a boat North of Dash Point and landed 6 on the fly. Was fishing by 0730 and had my limit by 0930. The fishing slowed down for about an hour after that, but then I hooked 5 more fish within an hour and a half only for them to come off (two right at the boat)! For a welcomed change I was surrounded by mostly fly fishermen. Others were landing fish as well. Saw one landed from the beach and two others landed in a boat next to us. It actually seemed to be picking up as we were leaving around noon. Fish were active and saw many jumpers. We were fishing in 5-9 ft. of water within 50 ft. of the shore.

Spent all day yesterday processing the 4 fish I took home. Fileted them in the morning, made Pink Salmon caviar from four skeins , made stock for chowder out of the heads and bones, brined and smoked three of them, and cooked one for dinner! Also consumed two bottles of wine in the process and am feeling a bit crappy today, but what a day yesterday....almost as good as the fishing!



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I'm a little upset; between work and personal obligations, I may not get to fish until next week, and THAT, my friends, THAT is a travesty, especially with reports like this coming in.


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If it makes you feel any better, I'm not going to be able to make it out for at least two weeks. Enjoy it when you can though!!

That just makes me feel bad for you! :eek: Or it would, if you hadn't just posted such a sweet report. A day like that could probably tide me over for two weeks! :p


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FYI on pg 12 of the regs it says you may not continue to fish for salmon once you catch your limit
Now, because I'm not a lawyer, I am confused by the rule on page 11 and the following from page 98:

"In Washington waters where a saltwater license is valid, each angler aboard a vessel may continue to deploy angling gear or shellfish gear until the daily limit of fish and shellfish for all licensed and juvenile anglers aboard has been achieved"​

Does this mean that if you're on a boat, you get to group-fish until the aggregate limit for all anglers is retained? And does this imply angler-favoritism with a bias towards boat anglers?