Report, & pictures (hopefully) later


Jefe Oso

Slow morning overall but did manage to land this pink right before I left. Fished in Area 9, mainland side from 6am until 7:45 when I hooked this Buck. Clear intermediate line, fairly small pink clouser. He took it on nearly a dead-drift - just small occational strips - I let the tide slowly move the fly along. Three other fishermen hooked a total of two small silvers as well.
Noticed you use a Lamson Velocity. What is the best way to rinse the reel after a day of salt fishing? Reason why I ask is because I fished the salt once with my litespeed and rinsed it out with fresh water and waited a day or so for it to dry out, then I took it apart and back again, then the inside bearings rusted out big time!

I was told to not take it apart regardless. what do you think?

Jefe Oso

I was told, and read in Lampson’s instructions to do the same thing; rinse wait until dry then open if you wish. Luckily I haven't had any problems… so far. It seems weird to me too; I am so used to breaking my reels down to clean after they touch the evil salt water I have to fight myself to leave it together until it is dry. I' been using this reel in the salt about 3-4 years now. I wonder if the O-ring seal in your reel perhaps had some grit on it or the seal was compromised in some other way. Did you have ample lube in the reel? I would be inclined to double check those items and if they looked good I would send it back to Lampson faster than a Steelhead can come unbuttoned - strongly communicate my disappointment and ask them what they are going to do about it?
Best of luck to you; sorry I’m not more help to you. Tight lines.
The main problem after rinsing your reel, even after doing a throrough job, is that you backing will still be saturated with salt. How to solve this problem? I have no idea.
I usually soak my reel in fresh water for a couple of hours, let it dry and then wipe it/spray it with silicon lube. A few days later I can still see salt.
Flyfishsteel, if your bearings got corroded your seal was compromised. Send back to manufacturer for warranty work or replacement with letter outlining how you religiously followed their directions.

I've had no problems to date fishing a litespeed 3.0 and 4.0 in the salt for a couple of years. I flush thoroughly with warm water, then strip all of the fly line into a large pot, flush reel again, then run warm water over reel and line in the pot; let soak for 1/2 hour or more, then air dry. About every third trip to the salt I condition the line with one of several products, and wipe down with soft cloth.

I never open up the seal unless I absolutely need to for some reason. In two years I have probably opened both reels up once or twice. No reason to.

Best of luck getting your reel taken care of. I would be interested to see how they treat you. Please post the response you get from Lamson/Waterworks.
I've used the Lamson Velocity for 3 years now. That's all year round, not just in the summer or fall. I've been very satisfied, and the maintenence is minimal. When I get home from fishing I hose the reel off in the driveway, leave the line on the spool and lay it down on the bench to dry. I spray a little Boe-Shield on it every so often. No troubles. I'm tentatively looking for a Lite-Speed, but have no real reason to think that the Velocity wouldn't work for me. Having had previous Lamson reels without probvlems, the service issue is one that I haven't needed to deal with (to dangle a particple).