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Ed Call

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Zach, you growing a pair? Anyone can tie a gurgler...but it takes a master to tie the money shrimp. That is exactly why my shrimp is the penny shrimp. Now that you are home you should have ample time to whip some up. It is not like you are going to the Satsop tomorrow to fish...

Money shrimp.

Connor H

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Headin' over to gig harbor next weekend!!! There is a freaking ass load of coho over there though!!! Just as a notice though, you already unveiled it!!! Look at the picture in your gallery! money shrimp hangin' out of the mouth!!! BOOYAH!!!

Zach M

Because I floss so hard
im not tying any more flies i tied my nine now get over it i will post a recipe for my money shrimp cuz i am out of size 8 hooks anyway

Clint F

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Ok zach, I guess I will tie the same fly when I do swaps for saltwater. Everyone knows the gurgler and everyone knows how to tie it. Swaps are for people to see new and different flies not for everyone to tie what everyone already knows. I am very disapointed. You should tie a different fly if you want me to take you in my boat again.:(


Zach M

Because I floss so hard
wow everyone is a pretty butthurt about this gurgler thing. i told everyone i would tie the money shrimp but im out of the right hooks and pink shlappen (speeling). and its ok clint i got my 18 footer the other day haha

Jake Bannon

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You know Zach, you could just like send me all your gurglers and then tie the money shrimp......just an idea.....think about it....:thumb: lol



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when is the next saltwater swap?
i need to test the floating euphausid pattern
i had to come up w/ something original before swapping

lets do a blackmouth swap