RF Mania?

Hey All,

Was thinking about fishing Rocky Ford this weekend, but then realized that it might be a zoo, considering the holiday and all.

Anyone hit the Ford over Presdident's Day Weekend last year?


steve s

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looks like we are on the same wave-length, i just posted saying a question asking about the hatches. i have been there on presidents day weekend before, and during the day it can be pretty packed, but not too many people dare to brave camping out in the cold weather. i know that with it being one of the only open trout fisheries in the state things can get fairly hectic, but when you have the right flies and presentation you can sometimes forget that there are so many people there. what day are you planning on going?
steve s


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Go for sparse tied scuds for underneath, work a size 12-16 Olive or Tan/Brown, the scuds seem a bit skinny so make sure they are tied skinny. A size 18 PT Nymph or copper john work well too, for dries try spent baetis spinners, black body size 20-24. Never go to the Ford without your bunny hair leach too!
My dad and i are going to be up at rocky ford on monday
and tuesday what part of the river has better fishing or is it pretty equal? :THUMBSUP