RGS summary of WA. Sportsman mtg. in Olympia

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    I trust the Mod's will nuke this if it's out of scope for the forum.

    Here is a e-mail from the Ruffed Grouse Society Chapter President. Bob attended a meeting in Olympia that I was unaware of, but it looks interesting. Most alarming is a proposed tax for each clay bird shot at a trap/skeet range. Yougottabefrickinkiddingme...! I'll bet Obama has us pick up the tag for his "dead birds".

    Here it is:

    Ruffed Grouse Society Members

    I attended the first invitation only WA. Sportsman meeting hosted by state Senator Pam Roach in Olympia. It was basically a meet and greet session. It was attended by 10-12 WA. State Senators and State Representative's of both political parties. Some stayed the entire time, some came in just to introduce themselves as interested sportsman. The meeting was held in the capital building. A roster of those attending will be sent to me sometime in the future and I will then be able to give you all the correct names and titles.

    There were also 4 lobbyists, I don't recall all of the groups they represented. One was from the Farm Bureau, one was from the Cattlemen Association, one from a recreational Fisherman's group, the other I've forgotten.

    The Western Region Representative of the National Congressional Sportsman Foundation was there as well as the Oregon State Senator who organized a similar Sportsman caucus meeting in Oregon.
    Their purpose is to start a Washington state chapter of interested sportsman groups, so sportsman can have a voice in local state decisions regarding hunting and fishing issues.

    The Chief of the WA. State Fish and Wildlife law enforcement also attended and spoke. The Seattle Times had a reporter there.

    We were the only sportsman hunting organization asked to attend at this first meeting. No one from DU. PF, Safari Club etc. I believe it simply because they were overlooked. Those attending were asked to get in touch with any we knew so they would could be involved in future meetings. There were two regional sportsman clubs, the Tacoma Sportsman club, and the Kittitas Field and stream club. The majority attending ,(I estimate 6), were Trap and skeet gun clubs, including the Renton Fish and Game club where we hold our summer field day. Only one retail Sporting goods dealer attended from Spokane because they do youth firearms training to satisfy the regulation to get a hunting license, and no one from the commercial gun, fishing industry, or logging industries.

    The speakers all emphasized we need to organize into a group that has a presence in Olympia, and who could then inform all our individual clubs of pending bills that effect hunting and fishing.
    The Senators and Representatives speakers all told of the pressure currently put on them from those fighting for gun law changes, hunting and fishing changes, land use regulation changes, on and on.
    They hear very little from sportsman groups, whereas the others have well paid lobbyist or activist volunteers.

    As you would expect, when those invited were asked to identify themselves and and make a comment on a major issue affecting their sport they were concerned with, the trap and skeet people dominated the session. In a nut shell, they are VERY worried about regulations being put on them, such as, safety issues, days open, hours open, noise, environmental rules-lead shot, and a new proposed sales tax to be placed on each clay bird shot. The two outdoor sportsman clubs were concerned about public land use and loss of access. I mentioned we did not understand the raising of the daily limit on grouse from 3 to 4. We were neither for nor against, just that it seemed there was no science behind the change and when asked the WA.F&W gives weak replies and no justification. I also asked if a new volunteer contribution could be designed and then made when buying a hunting/fishing license, (similar to the $5.00 on our car license used to fund the states parks), to fund a program like the very successful Montana block management hunting access program in the future. The secretary recording the comments wrote them in the meetings log as were all the comments.

    A second meeting will be held in two months, and a attempt to include other sportsman groups will be made as well.
    All in all, I left with a favorable opinion. As President of our RGS chapter, I hear many comments from our members, (and the public at the WA. Sportsman show) on the state of affairs on public land access, hunting success, road closures, increased license fees, use of hunting dogs and law enforcement. Apparently Washington is one of the few western states without a Sportsman council. We do need something to counter the very vocal and aggressive anti hunter groups who are well funded, very organized, and very motivated. We'll see where it goes from here.
    Bob Olson
    RGS WA, State Chapter President

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    For me, Idaho's not that far away, and if they want a tax, I'll be happy to drive to Post falls, and stock up on the necessities of life. They can take their "tax" and screw themselves with it.
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    High ammo taxes and lead bans are coming no doubt.

    Anyway you sound like one of those radical ammo and gun owners. ;) Roper better be careful as you do not want to upset the fresh Prince of Drones. I'd get out my Hope and Change (tm) prayer mat ASAP and start bowing eastward and ask for foregiveness.:cool: He does broker insolence among his subjects

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    Their strategy is either eliminate firearms completely or make it so onerous and frustrating to own and use them we lose interest. Funny thing is that many folks (myself for example) were never really firearm crazy...but talk of trashing constitutional rights has moved a great many folks to become active in the fight against such action.

    I'll consider discussions about changing gun laws after we work on neutering the 1st amendment... the one they hold so dear. Besides, we need to work them in the correct numeric order ;)