Right Coast fishing...small report

Today I took myself ot fishing as my wife and daughter are overseas for a couple weeks. For me fishing days come few and far between, so, when the opportunity presents itself, you have to grab it! Drove about an hour to the stream, Tulpehocken Creek in Reading PA, stopping by the TCO Tackle Store to get some supplies, you know, because it was close by the river and I 'needed' some fly tying materials and a few leaders. Got to the stream, the thermometer in the car read 39F and the guy in the store reckoned the water would be about 40F

Tackled up my new 3wt CT, which I had picked up in the recent clymb deal. Man, that little rod is something else. A pleasure to cast, light and responsive in the hand. At 7'6 it was just right for this stream. I wish now i'd picked up a 5 or 6 wt too when they were on offer. There was gusty wind today and that little rod punched my WF3F right across the stream with nice tight loops. Gold head fly and everything.

First fly was my Sparkle Ghost Bugger- Get some tied up! I fished it across a nice riffle I've had success at before...3rd cast, fish on

I took a photo of him, revived him and sent him on his merry way again. A nice spotty Rainbow.

Working down the short riffle for about 45 mins with the fly and no other fish. Changed to another of my creations, the Royal Coachman nymph, and slowly stepping down stream, lost my balance -KERPLUNK.

Luckily the water wasnt deep, but it sure as all hell was cold. Had my wading belt on nice and tight, so very little water down the waders. Hands and lower arms were drenched, and with the cold air temp I had to call it a day after a hour or so of fishing. I wish I'd brought some spare clothes with me though, cause I was pumped for fishing, especially after catching the little guy. Unfortunately my cell phone was in my jacket pocket (outside the waders) so the phone got bit damp. I managed to upload the fish photo before it died though. I finally got it switched back on again this evening, its now in a ziplock bag with rice to tease out the remaining moisture.

So, at 33 years old, I've decided to add a wading staff to my arsenal and probably a PFD too while i'm at it. To be honest, this little dunk has been a while coming as I've had a few near misses in the past.
Lessons learned today.

Pay attention and wade or fish, not both together.
Bring spare clothes
Keeps phones off the water, or at least in waterproof containers.
but most important,

Never let a dunk get you down!

It was an enjoyable hour of fishing.
nice report and pic, I fished there once when I was living in Cape May NJ and was jonesin bad for some river time, that was a long drive for me! I used to really like the Gunpowder too, that was my closest quality stream to me in South Jersey, still 150 miles away.
The gunpowder fishes well in the winter, it's a tailwater but man it gets COLD down there. and the rocks get icy too. I guess it just depends how bad you want it. I really enjoyed the rivers and streams of western MD, some nice water out there, worth the drive in my opinion.
Nice report, and a nice fly as usual.

I almost always use a staff when wading, especially when the weather gets cold. At 145 lbs I often find myself in spots where I need the extra support to stay on my feet.

Steve Call

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Nice report. I started using a wading staff last year after too many close calls. Of course the one partial dunking I got was when I left the staff in my car. Been carrying it and using it regularly ever since.