Rio Cuyabeno... Ecuadorian Oriente

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    The Reserva Faunistica Cuyabeno...

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    Hiding in your closet
    What's the story? Any fish there besides little pihrana?
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    Some of these

    The rainy season did not happen this year so a severe drought is in affect. Most of the rivers are very dry so the only form of travel in that region is becoming very limited, but by the same token every aquatic creature is concentrated, you would not want to fall in the river with those little pihrana. The Arapaima are fished by the local indigenous peoples ( Shuar & Cof'an ) With a spear about 8 ft. long with detachable harpoon tip. Saw many of those most at least 150#+ easy. They are very aggressive feeders, and could easily flip a small canoe in there assault on what ever prey they are after and are quite spectacular as they brake the surface of the water as they are a bright red in color on there top sides. As the water level drops most animal and fish behavior changes, kingfisher, normally territorial change there behavior and hunt side by side, caiman become cannibalistic, just an over all feeding frenzy.
    In answer to your question, aquatic wildlife compose 450 species including: Pink freshwater dolphin, turtles, black caiman,anaconda, manatee, giant otters, countless frogs, and toads, 494 recorded species of birds and 228 tree species per hactare/ 2.47 acres. You are definately out in the the middle of nowhere. The only means of getting in and out is the river and it's drying up. The Shuar and Co'fan up to the early 60's used to shrink the skulls of there enemies, and the area was hardly visited... Over all quite a place.

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