Rock Creek - 8/25

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    My first trip back to Rock Creek outside Missoula in about 10 years. The creek is fishing as good as ever, despite low water and temps in the 90s every day. Lots of action on hoppers mid-day. The Spruce fly hatch was evident nearly everywhere, but the fish did not seem to be keying on them. Caddis were steady from about 5 PM on. Most of the fish were in the 10-12" range, but I did bring one 22" brown to hand (dead battery on the camera by that time, though). Seems like I caught more cutts and fewer 'bows than I used to back int he 80s and 90s. We fished lots of spots from the 8 mi. mark to about 30 mi. over the course of 3 days and found fish everywhere.
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    I spent a week or so there in early August and the spruce moths were the name of the game then. Maybe the fish are looking for a different meal now!

    Good job with the 22" brown!

    I've fished Rock Creek often over the past 10-12 years. The rainbow population really crashed several years ago due to whirling disease and was replaced largely by browns (which were rare on my first visits). This year, however, there were quite a few rainbows, and my biggest fish were bows and cutts, even though they were in the minority of fish caught.


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