Rocky Ford next weekend??

I'm heading to montana briefly for the weekend and was thinking of hitting the Ford on sunday. Anyone fished there recently that could give me a heads up on the fishing and water conditions? I'll be armed with the traditional flys for the ford (and one curve ball i want to try)...any recommendations would be cool. :DUNNO
Can't help you with Rocky Ford as it's on my list but haven't fished it yet. But...perhaps you can help me. I am planning on driving over to explore the westside of Montana for the first time after modest research. Have a friend with a cabin at Thompson Falls for the first night but don't know if I should leave i-90 for the sake of a warm bed and shower (other nights will be in my bag in the back of my truck.) Would then fish clark fork from plains to st regis and then on into Missoula where I have a contact who will spend a day with me and then point me in the right direction - maybe the bitterroot or rock creek. Are you at all familiar with this route? What should I do - want to fish more than drive but also want an adventure. As alternative was thinking of hitting the eastern WA lakes up north starting at, oh say Dry Falls and on up to chopaka but need to know how they're doing. Any suggestions if you were behind my wheel? Will be wading in the rivers so need access. Ken
Rocky Ford, IMO would be a waste of time right now. It's too weedy below the falls to fish and even in the big sections, the fish aren't all that interested. My guess (I have only made the mistake of going in late summer once, which was last year) is that the water level is low, too, making fishing even more difficult.
On the plus side....No big crowds!