Rocky Ford Scud

Here is the Scud pattern I use most often on RF and other Eastern Wash waters.

Hook: Scud type #12-16 or TMC 205BL #14-18
Weight: Lead wire wrapped to taste, make some without for slow water.
Thread: 6/0, 8/0 color to match.
Bead: Optional, Small glass, color to match. Place on hook first.
Rib: Small copper wire with one strand crystal flash, color to match.
(olive, root beer, rainbow all work, twist and wrap strand with
wire when ribbing)
Shellback: 1/8in scudback or sub, color match,
Body: Dubbing, I like aunt lydia's yarn, but any will do. various
shades of olives + blends, tans, orange and pink.
Egg sac: Tiny dab Yellow/orange dubbing under scud back, 3/4 up hook

First debarb the hook, and if you wish add bead. This makes a nice color, and certainly is easier to tie the leader to the hookeye.

Add the weight if desired and cover all with thread wraps, put on some head cement to prevent lead discoloration.

Tie in the Rib and Crystal flash strand.
Tie in the Scud back.

Dub body and wrap forward, middle fatter to head.
Place dubbing ball for egg sac right on top of the body just behind the head.

Pull the scudback forward and cover the egg, secure with thread just behind bead.

Wrap the rib and crystal flash together about 5 turns, firmly to secure scudback.

Whipfinish just behind bead, add a drop of cement.
Pick underbody to form legs.

I think you will enjoy this fly, the extra effort is worth it. The color combinations that you can come up with by changing the color of the scudback and bead will delight you. It is durable and the fish like it.
:EEK Peter Pilkey Dec 20. 2001