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I'm going to start building my first rod in about a month. Its going to be a short 3 wt i would like something in the 7' range give or take a few inches. most kits i have seen have 7' 3wts but they are all two peice. so i was thinking about getting a 9' and not using the bottom section. I like faster action rods and have no experience casting any of the rods cabelas sells. so which rods from cabelas are med-fast to fast action rods?
how difficult is it to convert a 9' rod into a 7'6" or what ever it is with out the bottom section?

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I have the same concern as you do. I want to build my first small creek rod (3 wt/ 6'6) then I read some posts from WWF and
Some people suggest Dan Craft's blank. There are lots of good reviews in the internet and some friends from WFF told me - No thing can go wrong with Dan's blank. So I called up Dan Craft yesterday. HE is a pretty cool guy really. I decided to try his blank FTL 5 piece 3 wt. I will drop one section to make a light 3 wt 6'6 creek rod. He told me this way I have a nice softer and lighter 3 wt rod, which is pretty good for small creek presentation. I can not talk more about the rod...(I did not have any experience yet) but from other experienced people's suggestions, I am pretty excited right now. The blank is kind of high end line in Dan's company, price range ($90-100). I recommend you just google his name and get some information about this blank, or just call him up...
I will let you know how my rod goes...and good luck for your building!:thumb:

Todd - A kit is a good way to go for a first rod building project, but I'm not sure about converting to the smaller rod. Seems like the components in the standard kit would be for the larger rod - so you could run into fit issues with the reel seat, or stripper guides.

I'd recommend that you find a kit with the 3 wt you want, or get the blank & seperate components to ensure everything fits (like Yuhina did above.)

Good luck & have fun!!

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You'd be much happier in the end with just buying a blank then picking thru and purchasing your components piece by piece. With this method your completed rod will have exactly everything you wanted on it in the first place, as opposed to buying some kits that have everything in it that the person selling the kit wanted in it.

This is the main reason we won't sell "kits".

I agree on all points. Work with a dealer (shop) that has an illustrated catalog and will provide the service (info) you need to make a rod that will not only be your first but one you will also be really pleased with.

My first rod I used a kit and was satisfied but not jumping for joy about it (3 wt.). My next rod was another 3 wt. and the dealer I worked with helped immensly; we talked about blank color, what guides matched (looked good), reel seats, cork grips, winding checks, etc. So even though I didn't buy a kit from him, it came to me as a kit and now it's a rod I'll keep forever (its my favorite rod actually, 8' 3 wt.).



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Another thought...If buget is your concern. The TFO co. they offer a complete set of components.
Thirtyish for the Professional series. (includes everything but blank). The cork grip looks pretty good to me, and the graphite reel seat looks not bad either, fit the grip very well. You just need to buy your own blanks.

Kristin thats what i was concerned about trying to convert a long rod to a short one. i'll have to go down to thy kennewick fly shop and see what they have.

Yeah i like the single fot guides on my 5wt.

The TFO set of component set sounds like a good deal.

Thanks for the input.