Rod/line, thanks!

Hey Everyone,
i've posted about how i cant get into these src's, just trying to get an idea of what rod do you think i should use, or if i can find one for not too expensive.

currently i have a Winston Passport 590 and a Sage SP 790. I have both floating and intermediate lines for the 590 but only floating for the 790.

I could purchase another line for the 790 or a used rod. Some people have mentioned a 6wt rod or just line up my passport with a 4wt to make it faster. I already find it pretty fast but i guess i need more line speed.
just need some advice! thanks!

colton rogers

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If you do opt to fish the Passport putting a 4wt on it will make it cast like crap, its called over lining and thats how we gain the line speed to punch through wind and deliver big flies. so a 6wt grand or a 5wt 40+ might not be bad lines to consider
Start with the Passport and fish a line that you can cast effectively on that rod. I'd start with the line I already own. Often cutthroat are feeding much closer to the beach than most of us realize, and if you can cast over 40 ft you have enough range to catch fish.

As the addiction grows you'll have a better idea of what you really want and it will likely include a 6 wt. for incliment weather, resident silvers, or one of the other reasons we all like to justify our gear purchases with. And, yes, you'll want to be able to cast greater distance to cover more area, but a decent 9ft 5 wt. will work on a budget.

Mike T

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Try a 10' or 14' polyleader on your current line if you feel you need a little bit more line weight. I carry both a floating and intermediate spool when fishing the salt, as beach inclines vary and sometimes that intermediate will be dragging bottom before you've completed stripping.

It's true you'll get fish at 40' but you're limiting yourself if that's the max you can cast your present line. Many times you'll see fish down the beach from you, you'll be much better off casting 80' then walking 40' and casting. Walking in the water to rising fish, particularly if the current is running the same direction as you're walking, will alert the fish to your presence. I caught the biggest cutt of the weekend casting 90' and hooking up at 85'. But as always your mileage may vary.

Save that 790 for coho, chum and pinks. Before you buy a new intermediate line do try a 14' intermediate polyleader as it works and you'll save a few bucks.