Rods for sale

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cleaning out the closet. the following is a list of rods i have for sale . email me if interested.

1.Sage XP 990-4 almost perfect cond. used very little, cork clean. $275obo SOLD
2.Sage LL 490-4 great cond. but i have used this one $180obo SOLD
3.Sage LL 586 2 piece. nice condition. has a few light scratches used some. $150obo SOLD
4.Sage XP 586-4 almost new. might have fished it twice. $300obo SOLD
5.Sage 890-3 RPLX rod in great condition $200obo SOLD
6.Sage 690 RPL rod is used. has some nicks and dings $110obo SOLD
7. Sage 890 XP 2 piece rod in very good condition. light scratches. cork is clean. $275obo SOLD
8. Sage 586 SLT 2 piece. as new. $250obo
9. Sage 586 RPL+ 2 piece. this rod is new. cast on the lawn once. $250obo SOLD
Not open for further replies.