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Steve Call

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Cleaning out the closet. I have three rods that were lightly used and have been gathering dust for a couple of years.

5wt, 11' Switch Rod: TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Series. The lower handle screws off and comes with a fighting butt making it a 10'6" single handed rod. Comes with sock and tube. Great summer run rod. $150

Sage Vantage 890-4 (8wt, 9', 4 pc.) Includes rod tube. $100. - SOLD

Winston Passport 486-4 (4wt, 8'6", 4 pc.) Includes sock and tube. $100. - SOLD

PM if interested.
What was the issue with TFO rod you were selling? This sounds interesting to me for float tubing and swinging wet flies.
I understand it had sold. I am curious how well the rod worked as a switch and a single hand depending on the configuration. I don't think that rod is available any longer.
Flyrig, You should send him a PM / Start a conversation. Bumping an old add isn't the best as some dolts like me are easily fooled.

To answer your question: It is a great switch rod for summer fish. I never use mine single hand however. They don't make it anymore but there are a few they do make that are close.
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