Roll call for Dry Falls


LOS BANDIDOS YANQUIS!!!!!! I love it! Those guys talk a lot of rubbish - literally..

"La Zapateria is muy grande. Mi Casa Su Casa. Pedro lo quiero estaz un bicycleta verde...." :rofl

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Stephen Mull
I'm in, as are two of my buddies. They are too lazy to post on this board, but we'll be there being dumbass college kids. Probably bringing some burgers or something of the sort. Hot dogs too.


Banned or Parked

Sparse, a ti no te duelen ni los callos!

Ah yes, the zapateria es bueno, pero hay un problema... I went in there looking for some soles for my Korkers and they didn't have any! Muy foni!

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AlpineTrout, El diablo canadiense
i think we stayed in the B section. 26 thru 34 (campsites)
as of now im rolling out solo around noonish an will try for those sites if they look available. peez Bhudda

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I'll be there, but probably won't be able to head out until early Saturday morning. Just too much work is getting in the way. I'm hoping to get to Dry Falls between and 8-9am.

See you on the lake!

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I thought that we were in rhe "A" section. We were in that first group. The one with the dead end and the showers on the way in. You were there along with Backyard and friend,Mac and Yt,Matt and me, And I think that Hikepat was a few spaces up. Well what ever as it would be nice to all stick together as I don't think that a bunch of drunks should be spread all over the park.


P/S: I'm leaving Friday morning as I don't want to drive over there in the dark. Can't see anything or anybody.


Workin in a sweet mullet
I think that no matter how many spots we get, there are going to be drunks spread all over the park, and peeing all over the park, and wandering aimlessly in a drunken haze all over the park. Hey if it gets rowdy enough, there might even be "two dudes from Spokane" all over the park.

I think its too early today to try to be funny.



Workin in a sweet mullet

Do you need a ride still????? Is your truck up and running. We might have room in the pimpin caravan.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
No,it a fine time to be funny. I try to be funny all the time but then again I'm an old man and that's just funny by it's self:bawling



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See you guys when you get there, I'm leaving in 15 minutes and it's not soon enough.....I'M OUTTA HERE!


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We're not leaving until 5:00 am tomorrow and I am already having trouble concentrating on my work. Oh wait, I can never concentrate on working. Now I just have an excuse.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Campground. When you get there just look for the rowdy bunch but if the sun is out you will have to go down to the lake to find us all.



Workin in a sweet mullet
its in the State Park campground, I think you have to go past the campground in order to get to the resort.
Go into the park and look for 20 drunks. we shouldnt be hard to find. See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!