Rubber Legs


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Well heres a classic updated a bit. This fly is individually responsible for fish in my boat numbering in the 100's this spring. A good fly for beginning tyers as well .

Hook- 9672 or equiv 4,6,8
Thread , gain fav but I used 6/0 Danville, 3/0 Mono works well too
.015 lead for light ones fished near shore in shallows and riffles)
.025 lead wire for heavy ones
Black,brown or olive chenille ( brown shown in picture)
Legs/antennae; black, brown, light brown or olive Stretch Floss

Tie in thread, wrap the lead the length of the shank. Then tie in tails and then the chenille. Tie in three sets of legs working forward. Then tie in forward antennae. Wrap the chenille tightly,working between legs to secure them further. Finish at head. Don't forget your refreshments between each of these steps. :cool:

Fish dead drifted with indicator 6-8' above the fly using a dropper of your choice : i.e: amber or black bead, San Juan Worm, yellow sally nymph or other to match what the fish are havin for lunch that day. Run the dropper 18" or so off the bend of the rubbers hook bend. Or use the famous "Double Rubber" using two of these in tandem !!!