SAGE Factory Tour

Jack Devlin

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Enjoyed a wonderful tour today of the SAGE factory on Bainbridge Island. Nice bunch of folks there. Very impressive operation and an enlightening experience. Still so many individual and critical "by hand" operations required in the making of a quality rod. While I don't presently own any SAGE rods I can see one in my hands in the future. An added plus to the tour: I found out SAGE occupies the former site of FENWICK rods - my favorites from the late sixties to late seventies.
If you haven't seen the operation there, try and do so.


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Sage is a top notch operation, I am very happy with the whole package: warranty, fit and finish, quality, value, and performance.


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I first ran across Sage rods in Idaho Falls in the mid 80s'. I couldn't believe that anyone would pay that much for a fly rod. I now own them in Wts 2 thorugh 8 and also have a spey rod! Great rods and a great company.