T Sage LL 4711 or Sage SP 4903 for Sage 10 foot 7 wt or 9 foot 8 wt

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Both rods factory with sock and tube both in great condition colouring on cork (slight) consider any sage rod in above config or might consider 9 foot or 9 foot 6 saltwater especially interested in XP SP SLT RPLxi z axis ( would like a 10 foot 6 wt|) Open to offers of anything 5 - 9 wt . Not using these rods so WHY
Still available have had few pms re selling would prefer to trade for similar vintage rod in configs above preference for a 10 foot 7 wt or a nice saltwater 9 foot or 9 foot 6 inchpat


Only thing I could offer is a Winston IBIS 710-4 plus some cash for your 490 SP.

Free bump, regardless.... ;)
hi, no issues. I scrolled over the $ signs and hit the buttons to see what the options did. I had no idea that it flagged something to create a problem. Sorry. No issues here.
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