Sage Spey rod setup

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I am selling my sage 14' 9wt 3piece graphite 3 European action(fast action) with an older lamson reel with a spare spool, and a rio windcutter line. The rod was used for a couple of years, the line is an older version of the windcutter so it has the floating head, type 3 and type 6 tips, and I have replaced the running line, which has effectively made this a new line. The reel has been used only once. Hoping to sell it for $450. send me an email if interested. Shakes
spey rod setup. which model of rod is it. which model of lamson reel is it. what type of condition is the rod in. does the reel have a new spey line on it. how old is this setup. how about 375.00 and ill pick it up if everything looks good. i live in everett.


C'mon Shakes, get wit da program! :beer1

I cast it on Saturday and is very user friendly!


Jerry Daschofsky

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I'd assume that the rod is a 9140-3, had the same rod (from his description). Will add it's a steal at $450, especially if it has a spey sized Lamson (like the LP7) AND spare spool.
The rod is the 3 piece that you mention. The reel is a "Spey" model. No problem holding the line and about 150 yards of backing on it. Oh yeah, I also bought a new floating section for the line that will turn the floater from a windcutter to the more advanced accelorator line from Rio. It is ready to go fishing again if anyone is interested.:thumb

Otherwise I will post it to other sites as well.:p
SOLD, GONE, OUTAHERE. It found a very nice home and am sure that it will be treated with the same disrespect that I gave it. That is, getting bent and beat up by some big ol mean steelie. :thumb
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