Salmon Flies

I will be fishing the East Side of Vancouver Island (Qualicum River)in a couple of weeks. Can anyone recommend some Salmon Fly Patterns?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Deceivers, Clousers, any herring or candlefish imitations, and your basic attractor type patterns. If you are going for silvers (and why not?) then try brighter colors like chartreuse or pink. Read Dennis Dickson's article on Neah Bay, he talks about fly selection for silvers among other things.


Hope I could help.


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Can you be more specific about what type of salmon you are targeting and under what conditions? Salt water or rivers? I'm thinking you are referring to river fishing by your comment, and the post above is more taylored toward salt. But I believe Dennis's site does cover some fresh water flies as well.

I fish the area quite a bit.

There are two Qualicum Rivers - the Big Qualicum and the Little Qualicum. One has a hatchery on it but currently there's a fair bit of dispute with the local natives. You'll catch cutts in both. But these rivers are usually fished a little later on for coho, chinook and steelhead.
Your heading up at the height of the pink salmon run i'd key in on them. There are many beaches in the area for the pinks - check with the hatchery - they're usually very helpful.

I'll email you a pink pattern.

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sorry , didn't realize you wanted feshwater patterns, i've never really been stellar in reading and comprehension.....
I thought BC was like us and that Pinks were only an odd year run. That would be interesting if there was a good Pink run in BC to go have fun with. I had such a good time last year with them.
We are fishing the salt at the mouths of the Big and Little Qualicum Rivers. (The river itself is closed off) We will be targeting kings, maybe silvers.

Any advice on some tactics as well as fly patterns?

Fish till ya drop.
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and fish the evening hatch.

Use Ferguson's Green and Silver. Tie some similar in Pink and Flour Red as some days they seem to like that better. You can get Krill patterns up in that area that are more effective than any pattern I'm fimilar with to quote for ya.
Strip the Ferguson's fairly fast or troll it with twitches of the rod tip. Release everything except fin clips.
hey gb,

Some areas in BC have their pink run in odd years some in even years eg. even years for the mid East Coast of Vancouver Is.
Theoretically the pinks are supposed to run up here every 2 years as well; however, as i mentioned on another thread, i fish pinks in both even and odd years in this area.
My friend volunteers at one of the hatcheries and i'm pretty sure his hatchery is putting pinks in every year. For whatever reason, there's always fish. Last year in the Campbell i had a fish just about every cast, and last weekend my friend and his wife had two very productive two.

I actually prefer the 'off' years because everybody assumes there's no fish. The same situation may be occurring in some areas down your way.

Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

Full, fast sink with a short leader 4-6'. Definately not leader shy or line shy,but quite pattern sensitive at times when staging in the estuary.
The "old hands" carry quite a selection, but most fish caught on Fergusons or Krill patterns. Beach fishing is a blast when the flood tide pushes the krill into shallow water and the Silvers follow.