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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by vicb, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Kow there have been some inquiries on this topic in the past - had a good experience this week, wanted to thank/recommend 2 guides. Was scheduled to fish with Captain Keith Robbins on Monday, with a friend from out of town. Got a call Friday night - boat trouble. Keith was VERY apologetic and spent the next 2 days finding me a backup - not an easy feat this time of year on short notice. He kept in close touch with me, made multiple calls on my behalf, and after he hooked me up, followed up that night to make sure it was a good experience. Based on my interactions, I would definitely recommend him, and hope I can go out with him in the future.

    Captain Keith ended up hooking us up with Tom Wolf in the South Sound - we had a great day. Caught a bunch of pinks in the AM, then went and chased cutties in the afternoon and did well - caught some really nice cutts, and even found one stray silver! Great guy, knows his stuff, no sideways comments even though he spent a good portion of the day ducking backcasts... Another guy I would recommend, and hope to fish with again.

    Hope this helps. My friend from the Midwest was all smiles when I dropped him off that night.
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    Capt Wolf should be on anybody's A list for guiding on the Sound- he's been at it for a long time and has a wealth of experience.
    I have a trip with him on Monday, taking my Dad out for pinks, and we're full of anticipation!
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    I have known Keith for almost 18 years. (When we were members of the Seattle Poggies) He is the real deal and a stand up guy. He is also one hell of a good fisherman and guide. I always like fishing with him, honest, knows his stuff. Also funny. :thumb:

    Vashon Is.

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