Saltwater 4 wt. ?

Well I ordered a blank today from gregs rods in lake stevens.Got a 9' 3pc. 4wt. lommis imx.I have one in 6wt.(kit) and love it so I know I should like the blank.I have built a few rods in the past but not many fly rods.So Im looking for some input before building it.Heres my plan 1" fighting butt glued to blank skeleton reel seet with graphite insert full wells grip.
Guides:titanium coated #16 stripper #12 stripper then 7 single foot snake guides and an oversized tip. 8wt. on a 4wt. frame I guess? My concern is will the wieght of the oversized stripping guides change the action of the blank?The single foots all have similar length feet so I am not concerned about these at all as they only get 1/2 the finnish of regular snakes.I wonder about the extra wieght from larger handle assembly and guides slowing the lower 1/2 of the rod action.So let me know am I worrying about nothing or am I out of my mind altogether?This is gonna be my beach rod for Sea-runs and Dollies
when the wind allows it so practical aint my goal just fishable.
Thanks in advance for any advice.Doug P.
Weight in the non-flexing section of the rod should only affect casting performance minimally, and then only to the extent it affects hand speed. I would not worry about it, especially if the rod is well balanced. The closer to the tip (flexing section) you put extra weight, the more effect it will have on the cast.

So I'm sure an extra stripping guide will more than make up in extra performance for any minimal extra weight. However, an oversized tip will probably cost you some of that performance. You want the line running as close to the rod with as little lash as possible, therfore physics dictate the smallest, lowest guides you can get.
Alpine two reasons #1 I fish beaches alot and they help keep sand out of your reel,and 2 just for fun. I figure if I go to the trouble of building a rod it should be different than anything I can buy.My idea here is sort of a mini big game rod.The whole thing is 1-1/4" long 3/4' dia. at the reel seat and 1-1/16 around at the end.It would certainly be lost in my gut if I realy tried to use it.I just think they look cool :cool: But you would be surprised how much they actually protect a reel.Another question is why in the hell do I need another rod at all? :confused: I know I don't. After thinking about it I went with Wind ticklers suggestion of regular size tip ring. I'm gonna wrap it in black thread with short wraps just one turn of thread and second wrap starting up the guide foot. No trim rings or anything grey blank gunsmoke guides black and graphite reel seat.It will look good I think with a black orvis battenkill L.A.II that I also can't justify. I'll try to post a pic when I get it done.
Merry X-mas, Doug :beer2: