Saltwater Reel For Sea-run Cutthroat


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Thanks, Larry; it just got moved to the top of the list! I've always been in too much of a rush to get somewhere else when I drive by, but no longer:)
Oh, and another thing Alex, you can walk to and from the Geoduck Tavern from the park so you can have as many drinks as you want after dinner and walk back to camp! ...:D

Alex MacDonald

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That's cool!! I'm thinking of that part in Yellowbeard, the pirate comedy? "Stagger,stagger, crawl crawl...fall over, stagger, crawl....".

When I was running marathons back in the `80's, there was a cardiologist from New York, George Sheehan, who proposed drinking flat beer as a glycogen replacement while running because it didn't have the huge dose of salt that the original Gatorade had. He was our God!!

Bob Balder

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Stay away from the Geoeduck about noon is packed. Flat beer in lieu of Gatorade?? The guy is a genius, wonder what he knows about fishing...that is "Sound advice".
This idea won't stimulate the economy, but check out the Pflueger Medalist 1500 series with r/c (rim control) . You'll find them thru the net search for sale . New- 39.00. Used about $15, Rinsed in warm water after each use- you'd do that anyway for your line- they are handsome and an improvement on the old classic. I have a very expensive Islander for big game but the Medalist is just so cool and retro.- I'm sure you'd find good use for the leftover $. Whatever, have a great time on your sea run fishing and camping trip. I love our cutthroat and cohos !


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Some great deals to be had on E-bay. I think the Velocity heritage or new Hard-lox are one of the best bangs for the buck. Lamson will service or replace just about any reel sent to them w/o much fuss. I've been using the older V2 and V3 for fresh and salt and really like them. They are designed for use in saltwater, but I still flush the beejesus out of them after use.

Go Fish

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I use to get nervous fishing the salt without a reel
that had an awsome drag and plenty of backing.
You never know when you will hook something much much
bigger than expected as you watch all your line and backing
head out to sea. Go beefy and don't worry.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I have a Medalist 1594, and it works great, although half the paint is worn off from scraping it on the rocks, and also maybe from "creeping blistering by stealth corrosion due to laxness of rinsing dilligence."
I have fished for years with Phlueger Medalists, 1495 or 1495 1/2. I don't think drag system is very important as long at it doesn't overspin and backlash. I rarely hook a fish in the sound that requires putting it "on the reel". Stripping is faster and allows more flexibility.
I would consider an "arm and a leg" would be something under 200.00. If I were to do it all over again, I would go with the Lamson Guru, machined aluminum and a SEALED drag. I've used Konics for the last 6 years with zero problems with the drag, but its starting to rust between the spool frame and reel seat where the two screws are. I've just rinsed and dunked my reels in warm tap water for 20 minutes and sure this kept the reels from rusting big time due to the metal is only made out of die cast aluminum. The Guru metal is higher resistant to salt. If you only fish once or twice a month get the Konic, if more get the Guru.

have fun!

David Loy

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+1, Pfluegers work fine. Spend your money on line, lessons & libations. Not necessarily in that order.
OTOH, spendy reels are nice too. What ever blows your skirt up.

Bradley Miller

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Man oh man, I hadn't thought at all about that idea!! I have a Pflueger for my little `boo 4-wt. Great idea; thanks, 2kayaker!
Inherited this reel from a guy who used to work for me; he died last year.
Started fishing it this summer. I'll probably use it the rest of my life just to honor him.
But: not a bad reel, huh?? :)
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