Sand Lance pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Rob Blomquist, Jan 27, 2002.

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    I saw an egotistical alaskan guide tying these as the Puyallup show on Friday. Fish Pirate and I both agreed it was the best sand lance pattern we had seen.

    Hook: Mustad 3407, 34007 or equavalent
    Thread: white 6/0

    Body and Tail: Pearl EZ Body tied extended, with the end tied off, frayed and trimmed to be like a small caudal fin. The top half of the body is then colored with an olive permanent marker, darkest at the top and fading to the mid-point.

    Wing: Angel Hair or Krystal flash, olive, peacock, to match the body tied flat to the top of the body about 3/4 the body length, with little if any rise.

    Head: White Thread, with a large (1/4") prismatic red, gold or yellow eye, with enough epoxy or soft body over the head and eye to seat the eye and secure the body.

    Fish on a sinking line, near the bottom on sandy/cobble and sand beaches.