sand shrimp

do any of you have any effective sand shrimp patterns, tube or otherwise, that you would like to share?a picture and tying recipe would be great.thanks!!:beer2
Here is one I use with good success for searuns and silvers in the salt. I'm sure it can be used or adapted to river fishing.

Hook - Size 2
Claws / Pinchers - Orange Bucktail
Tail - Orange Bucktail
Body - White or white ice chenille
Hackle - Orange Saddle
Eyes - Burn Mono
Shell Back - Orange scud back, furry foam or swiss straw.
Rib Material - Medium Gold Wire

Tying Instuctions.
1. Off the bend of the hook, tie in a bunch of orange bucktail. Split it using figure 8's to form two claws or pinchers. Make the claws whatever length you want.
2.Off the eye of the hook, tie in another bunch of bucktail. Flatten this out and trim it staight across. This will form the flipper like tail at the eye of the hook.
3. Tie in your mono eyes so they lie on top of or betwwen the bucktail claws.
4. Tie in your shell back material and gold wire and let it hang off of the back of the fly.
5. Tie in chenille at the rear of the fly and wrap forward.
6. Tie in orange saddle at the tip and palmer towards the back of the fly. Tie off and clip excess.
7. Trim the hackle from the top of the fly the entire length of the fly. The hackle will imitate the legs.
8. Pull shellback over the top and tie off at the eye of the hook.
9. Wrap the wire rib forward with fairly large gaps between the wraps. This will imitate the back shell of a sand shrimp as the wire presses down ito the shellback.Tie off and wipe finish.

I sometimes tie these with pink and green bodies, as sand shrimp seem to vary in color. If I'm in a rush, I'll skip the eyes. Another thing you can do for the tail is to use the shellback material rather then the bucktail. After you pull it over, tie it off and cut the shellback a little longer past the eye of the hook.
I hope this helps,

Jerry Daschofsky

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Actually, I have a very easy pattern. You don't have to go overboard tying. For the claws, tie in two peach colored zonker strips (tie them so they V out) or you can go REALLY simple and tie in just a few strands of krystal flash. Tie in a piece of clear or prismatic plastic for the shellback (also is good to tie in a piece of heavy thread or tinsel for ribbing). Then dub a peach colored body. Tie in the shellback and do the ribbing. I normally pick out the dubbing so it flows under the body like legs. On a more complicated one, I'll seperate the body like a GP and put hackle legs in. Pretty easy. Sent Les one of these for his book. Has worked wonders fishing the boat in tidal flux on the Chehalis.

Think I may have pictures. If you want the recipe written down, can do that too. But I vary the color from a light pink all the way to an almost orange. Sometimes I'll even vary the dubbing between the two (since most sandshrimp aren't truly one color but vary in the body from almost a white to an orange along the body).


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Thanks, SH69. I've been looking for some shrimp patterns to make for my brother in Florida. If I can work up some shrimp flies for him, there might be a chance I can get him to fly fish for the snook rooting around the dock off his backyard. He lives on the Intracoastal Waterway and has been fishing shrimp bait for the snook. Meanwhile, he fly fishes for trout. The conversion needs to be total. :professor

By the way, the smilies need an icon with a priest's collar for when we want to be "holier than thou." :+

Jerry Daschofsky

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Here it is. Is actually simpler to tie then it looks. Can vary like I said above by adding zonker claws. But this has been a very successful fly for me for salmon in tidal flux areas.

Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon - Fl. White

Tail: 10-15 strands of Pearl Krystal Flash

Body: four sections of ice dub pearl dubbing

Ribbing: pearl oval medium tinsel

Hackle: white saddle hackle tied in 4 separate sections tied down

Shellback: prismatic pliable pearl sheet back (cut point near head and rounded tail)

Eyes: black chain eyes tied underside of hook

Mind you, sandshrimp on the east coast are NOT like our sandshrimp here. With colors above, I vary from a light pink to a dark peach (almost an orange). I always use white for the body segments/feet though. Since all the sandshrimp I've ever fished, the feet always seem to be white.