Sandy River Spey Clave

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    Ok, I know, this is a Washington site so what am I doing writing about the Sandy river Spey Clave? Well, first of all, it's happening again tomorrow (Sunday 5/18).

    Here is the link:

    I got a chance to meet Simon Gawsworth, George Cook (Sage), Andy Murray (Hardy), Steve Choate, and Dr. Way Yin.

    There are a number of booths set up from all of the major spey rod manufacturers and you can cast any rod you want in combination with any line you want. You can try long belly lines like the XLT from Scientific Anglers of the Grand spey from Rio, or shorter belly/head combinations. You can also get some hands-on tutoring from the best in the business.

    Short and simple, if you have tomorrow off and would like to learn a boat load from some experts in the field, make the drive.