Sandy Spey Clave


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Is everyone camping or any staying in hotels? I'm being scolded for not going so think it's time to head down but will not camp...good chance to take off to salem for the evening and see my youngest at school as well..

Cool to be there Sat. and Sun. or is one day enough?

A lot of people stay in the nearest motels, but given the park's evening gate closure, they miss out on the various campfire get-togethers. I camped the times I went, just pitching a mountain tent. Facilities are good with hot showers; Nooksack Mac is getting senile.

Just checked with FFUSA and it DOESN'T sound like they're going to run an 'after dark' car shuttle service from the main meeting area to let folks out the gate. Don't know when 'sun down' is in mid-May but my guess is somewhere around 8:30 to 9:00 PM. If you're still 'in side' be prepared to sleep in your car.

Friday is 'Ladies Day,' Sat/Sun are for 'everyone.'
Sorry to butt in here but I'm not sure I buy that 100% where the beginner class is concerned. Firstly the beginner class runs 7:30 - 11:30. And the ladies day events begin at 9:00. Plus my understanding is that the Beginner class is at a completely different area of the park (just inside the gate, denoted by a tent and banner) from the main 'clave area. Also the ladies have their own "Free casting help on the beach" function in the main womens day festivities. Granted, according to the 2011 agenda it's only from 11.30 - noon but still..... Hopefully one of the folks from the FFS can pop in here and confirm or deny.

Todd, you may well be right given the damage due to flooding on the Sandy (late last year?). Hopefully it will be closer than just inside the gate as that's a hell of a long way (and I do mean a LONG WAY from where the usual fun and games are held. No way are you going to try to walk from one to the other. The big grass field right next to the main area may well have lost a lot of 'what was there.'

But we shall see, we shall see.



Anybody aware if there are usually camping sites available when the Clave starts? Not sure if there's a way to reserve them or if it's First Come First Served.




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It's a large camp ground. No worries as far as getting a camp site, although the one nearest the rest room and showers may be taken.


A good point regarding any questions about what is or isn't available on Friday. If someone wants to participate in something on Friday or any day but is unsure about it, just call the sponsor and ask them.


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I will coming Thursday night with my daughter for the ladies day on Friday. (they are more of a pleasure to hang out with than you smelly old bastards)