Sandy's Brownstone Nymph

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    Woven body nymphs, like the venerable George's Brownstone, were
    invented in order to produce a life-like two-tone body. Golden
    Stonefly nymphs, for instance, have a strikingly yellow underbody.
    Another way to get the same effect is to layer two colors
    of soft open-cell foam around a horizontal needle. Then,
    once the body blank is made, add some wire weight to a hook,
    wrap the wire with a soft gingery hackle and then mount the
    foam body.

    tails: yellow rubber leg sewed into the foam body
    body: Two-tone soft open cell-foam tied onto a beading needle
    thread: brown flat waxed nylon
    hook: straight eye hopper hook
    weight: brass wire wrapped and super glued to the hook
    hackle: soft ginger

    *I make the foam body blanks by dying cheap cleanup sponges
    with rit dye. Then I cut them up with a round, rolling fabric
    cutting knife (from the ladies sewing store).