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    In my spare time I was working on the Sauk River Spey. Inspired by the Autumns on the Spey work and remembering how often the Sauk is Gin clear and the fish are spooky and remembering how often Ed Ward ask me "did you try something smaller and buggier?" I was looking for something buggy and effective for those lower, clear days. The Sauk Spey incorporates the Silk-Berlin wool in Olive and Claret(the Sauk is a Purple fly river after all) and a Summer Duck Spey hackle. The flies are available in both Silver and Gold versions in true British angling regale and are available in tying packages as well. Materials available at and at River Run Anglers in Carnation.

    Gold or Silver Sauk River Spey
    Hook - AJ Spey, Black
    Thread Pearsall's Gossamer Silk #9, Black
    Spey Hackle - Steelhead Anglers Spey hackle, Summer Duck
    Ribs - Flat Tinsel with Oval tinsel and Spey hackle between. Oval tinsel if opposite finish of flat tinsel. Flat tinsel gold then fly is gold version.
    Body - Steelhead Anglers Silk-Berlin wool. 2 threads dark olive and 1 thread dark claret twisted.
    Throat - Natural Gadwall or Teal
    Wing - -Bronze Mallard.

    Have fun!