Scadden assault with motor review

Well I finally got my motor and mount and took it for its maiden voyage under power.
A little info. Single assault, minn Kota 55lb traxxis, group 27 deep cycle battery and myself weighing 200lbs
just sitting in the water my boat loaded with me the front of the boat was considerably higher than the back of the boat.
With all of this in the back half of my assault trying to go forward as everyone says I was filling up the seat area with water once I really got on the throttle. I spun the head on the motor and tried pulling verses pushing for a while maybe the angle wasn't right but I really felt like I was plowing through the water. The top speed was about the same with both set ups approx 3.5 mph.
Since I got home I have relocated the battery to the front of my boat between the foot bar and the front of the boat. This should counter balance the weight of the motor and hopefully make the boat ride level which should increase the top speed and lower resistance.
I will post results after I lengthen the power cables and get it out again


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I took mine out today. I run a Minn 45 and a #27 battery. I am 5'8" and probably around 130 with waders, boots fins, warmer clothing.

I do have the head turned around to pull me. I am likeing the swept up front (rockers) as when it got choppy, I rode over the waves rather than having them soak me.

I am curious as to how you mounted your battery up front. I looked at mounting the motor there as it is plenty far away from my feet, but then it would be pushing me rather than pulling. Not sure that matters. Plus no D rings to mount the motor mount. Would have to experiment.
All in all, I like the way it rides (pulling) and it turns great.
I mounted the battery box on a piece of 3/16" Copoly (plastic) this is supported by 3 cam straps that are attached to the existing Drings and also strapped to the foot bar.

If someone can post the pic for me I will email them the photo. I can't attach pics from my phone but I can email them
I like that idea. I have been trying to figure out a way to add a young son to my boat. That platform for the battery gives me some ideas to work with.



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I too got mine out once in Idaho, but without pictures to see how I was riding, but felt as though the front end was up. Very easy to move though. And as you can see, plenty room for that battery.

I was asked how it compared to the Renegade. The Renegade has more room on the sides of the seat and behind, plus the open front. It takes a little getting use to but nice to lay the rod down without fear of it falling in the lake. These are also smaller diameter toons, so with waves and hippers, you rear can get wet. It is easier to reach the motor as a trade off for space behind seat. I put my PFD between the seat and the battery and I am leaning against it. Very comfortable. On my Renegade, I carry a little basket that fits between the seat and battery, so I am guessing you loose maybe 6" with the Assault. Haven't tried rowing yet. Next outing.
The Renegade has the same up sweep in the front with a motor and battery.


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Wayne, you've made some excellent decisions, especially stepping up to the 55# Traxxis. I use mine on my Renegade, my 12' skiff, and the other night we had the same motor on a friend's 19' Whaler Outrage and it worked pretty well even in wind. You can use that motor on nearly any boat nicely. I had three motors, just sold my 17# and will probably sell my 28#. The 55 does it all.

If you don't like the battery in the bow after some time, you can use a water ballast. I do that in the canoe. Just fill one or two collapsable water jugs with water, place them where you like, adjust as needed during the trip, and dump them when you're done. Works well.