Scadden Outlaw Avenger Questions

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by steelhd32, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    New here. Live in Virginia where I have recently discovered the wealth of Musky fishing available. Its a lot like fishing for (Eastcoast) Steelhead, without the crowds, or the high success rate ;).

    Now I am rethinking my boat situation, and am looking for something that I can stand up on easily and quickly. So the Scadden Outlaw Avenger is high on the list. I have not seen one though, and have lots of questions. I hope someone here has some experience with one.

    Biggest concern is how the frame breaks down for transport. I don't have a trailer, and would prefer to avoid it as the put-ins I use are seldom trailer friendly. So how small can the frame be made for transport? Dave says it is modular, but he also said I could back-pack my Assault XX! How about the casting platform setup in the single person mode - does the casting brace re-attach to the single rower seat? Does the anchor system work easily (and safely). Is it set-up like a drift boat system where the anchor rope travels under the platform?

    I am looking to use this on rivers, and plan to be stand-up casting when either drifting slowly or anchored in slow water stretches.

    I have an Assault XX (used 4 times so far) and find that getting to the stand-up position is not very easy, so I spend lots of time setting the anchor, getting repositioned, making a few casts, and repeating the process. I did make a frame for it out of chain link fence components that has worked very well for the anchor system.

    Thanks for the help.