Scadden Renegade--One Year Later


John or "LC"
It has been about a year now since I got my Renegade, and I wanted to give a brief update and review.

So far I have used it on 16 lakes, one river (Lower American), and the Delta. It's been all over California and up to Oregon. I've used it mostly with fins and oars, a few times with a 55# electric and a Group 27 battery.

Lakes: It is perfect for lakes of any size, although in larger ones the electric is nice for moving around. I set the motor tight and steer with my fins. Scadden has a video on this showing the circular motion. It works pretty well. My only negative is it does have a pretty good sail factor in the wind. If you get in whitecaps it can be hard to get a good bite on the water with fins, and I go to the oars. I don't enjoy fishing with the oars as there's a lot of hand work going on and I've not yet figured out a good trolling system.

The biggest plus to me in stillwater fishing is the portability. If you play with the portage you can get this boat to balance on your shoulders, making it as easy to carry if not easier than a SFC. It took some experimenting, but I found the sweet spot and you can pack it in a quarter mile or more loaded with gear without thinking about it if you have a clear path.

Indicator fishing (not my favorite but sometimes a necessity) requires two anchors. I don't have a system for the anchor in front so I just drop an 8# down rigger weight and tie it off to whatever I find. I do have a system on the U-shape that works well--see below.

River: This is where I've had the most fun, and I've only been in Class I and light Class II. I often use fins and studded boots and when I stop to fish I leave the fins on if not moving around, or take them off if I'm beaching the boat or swinging and stepping. Rowing upstream is somewhere between problematic and a non starter. I rarely try anymore because it's too much work to find the shore slack water or back eddys. Anchoring I have down now. I don't like the Scadden system as I want to have the cleat where I can cut the line quickly. I mounted the Scotty anchor system on the starboard pontoon, a pulley on the U-shape D-ring, and it works fine. You just have to plan to cast downstream, or across and down. It is highly responsive when you need to row rapids or around obstructions.

Delta--Dealing with Tides: Delta tides can rip, and either you use an electric all the time or work the tides. I prefer the latter. I usually like to fish the incoming, so I'll launch upriver at slack tide, barrel down one to three miles with the electric and oars, and about that time the tide starts working and will float me back to the put in by the time the tide is at peak. This is a great way to fish bass poppers which is usually the best way to fish the D for LMB, but it has to be done in calm winds. If the wind is behind you you're moving too fast and are constantly finning against the wind, or if it's coming at you the electric is often needed. There's one great three mile run from one marina to another that's safe (the majority of the Delta isn't for small inflatables), but I usually use my skiff for comfort and the ability to move around. Still, hooking a LMB or a striper from water level is a thrill every time.

Accessories: I don't have many. I use the Scadden side pocket rod holders over the Scottys. I have the anchor, and mandatory are the Rule inflator and K Pump. I use a wrist worn Humminbird RF 35 fish finder, a portable GPS and my iPhone Navionics charts, and carry a radio when on the Delta.I have the Scadden motor mount which is perfect. My battery is in a Walmart tray, nothing fancy. I have a few carabiners on the D rings that come in handy. That's about it.

I have fewer boats than before, but still have a canoe, rec kayak, float tube, skiff, and the Renegade, and the Rene is always my craft of choice when practical. This is one purchase where I have never wished for anything larger or smaller. It's perfect for my fishing style. I did have some issues at first and NFO was "OK" in helping me rectify them. I haven't had the need for their help for about 10 months and that's a good thing. I would totally buy this toon again, and would buy other products from NFO without question.

I do owe Blue a large note of gratitude for her willingness to address any question on here or by PM. She's the best. Other board members have been very helpful as well, thanks to you all and I hope we meet someday.



John or "LC"
Would you consider sharing pics of your mods, accessories, and your anchor system...??

Dave, i will be glad to once I get it put back together. For now it's taken down but I am pretty sure we'll be out next weekend and I'll shoot it then. In the meantime if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM.