Scientific Anglers Spey Skagit Line System

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by freestoneangler, Dec 22, 2011.

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    I'm using a SA Spey Skagit line system (ST-8, 550 grain) for my Sage 8136, Reddington CDL 10/12 outfit. By most accounts, this seemed like a good option for a rookie. It has the following 15 foot tips:

    Type I Clear (1.5-2 ips)
    Type III Wet (3-5 ips)
    Type IV Wet (6-8 ips)

    I've only used the floating and the IV thus far and seem to manage reasonable casts -- that is I think the line is loading the rod pretty well. I see a ton of information on specialized spey lines and tips, but could use some advice on answering the following questions :confused::

    1.) Is the Type IV a heavy enough tip to reach the correct depths on say the Hoh or Queets during normal winter flows?

    2.) If not, is there another tip I should consider that could be used with this line?

    3.) If this line is really limiting or not optimum for this rod, what would you recommend?

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    That Type IV tip should serve you well most of the time. Depending on depth and current speed, you may use the Type III perhaps a third of the time. There are several things you can do to extend the versatility of a single sink tip: Change between a weighted or unweighted fly; cast upstream, or straight across, or quartering downstream; don't mend after casting, or do (don't overdo it); either let the line come tight to your rod tip quickly or lead your line with the rod tip toward your side of the stream; step down between casts or while the line is swinging.

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